You just had a week off! Come to youth group and commiserate with others having to go back to school on Monday.  We will do something fun, have snacks that are not good for you and have a good discussion on something.  I hope to see you there Sunday night between 6-8pm. 

The slots for Steubenville are almost gone.  Please do not miss your chance to go to the Steubenville       conference this summer June 23-25.  Call me to save a spot and if you have any questions. 

Shawn Schadler  720-347-0895

SPP Music News
Dear Parishioners at Saints Peter and Paul,

During Lent, we are chanting our Mass parts in Latin. The cards are in your pews.  Also, during Lent we will be exiting the church in silence.  Please use this time to be silent and finish our Mass in prayer. Thank you! 
Susan –Music Director 720-289-4936

Lenten Event Schedule

Mass - 7:00 am
Mass - 9:00 am
Mass - 11:00 am

Parish Lenten Mission
Monday, March 6 thru Thursday, March 9 - 6:30 pm

Vespers beginning March 14 - 7:00 pm

Confessions - 5:30 pm

School Stations of the Cross - 2:15 pm
(No School Stations March 17 or 31)
Lenten Soup Supper - 5:30 pm
Stations of the Cross - 7:00 pm

First Saturday Confessions - 8:00 am
First Saturday Mass - 9:00 am
Confessions - 4:00 pm
Vigil Mass - 5:00 pm

Penance Services (Confessions)
(School) Thursday, April 6 - 9:00 am
Thursday, April 6 - 6:30 pm

 Holy Week

Holy Thursday April 13
Mass of the Lord’s Supper - 7:00 pm
Altar of Repose until Midnight

Good Friday April 14
Solemn Celebration of the Lord’s Passion - 3:00 pm
Stations of the Cross and Veneration - 7:00 pm

Holy Saturday April 15
Easter Vigil - 8:15 pm

Easter Sunday April 16
Mass - 7:00 am
Mass - 9:00 am
Mass - 11:00 am

Pastor's Corner

​Palm Sunday Is Invite Your Neighbor Sunday

Martyrs come in all forms.  Throughout the history of the Church, there have been those who zealously and willing give up their lives for the sake of the Gospel. There have also been those who reluctantly go forward to profess their faith publicly. I suspect that the Church has had more of this second type of martyrs. Most of us plan ways to keep our comforts and personal desires. Sometimes, when the Gospel calls for heroic efforts, we resist and become that second type of martyr.

I am calling you to a challenge: invite someone to come with you to Mass next Sunday.  Whenever we ask somebody who is not participating in the life of grace given through the Church to come to Mass, we endure a little martyrdom. We risk the possibility of being rejected. We must commit ourselves to attending a specific Mass and thus give up our other plans for Sunday. We sacrifice our pride since there will likely be questions for which we do not have immediate answers. 

In this request that you bring somebody with you to Palm Sunday Mass, there is an experience of martyrdom. So which type of martyr are you?  Are you the zealous and willing type who hears this challenge and invites everyone in your contacts list?  Or, are you the reluctant martyr who will invite somebody at the last minute? Whichever type you are, I am confident that the Lord God will be pleased with your sacrifice. The martyrs in heaven do not claim that they are better than any other saints.  They rejoice that others were faithful as well.

Palm Sunday is an appropriate day to invite others to Mass. The pageantry associated with the procession impresses the symbolic nature of the Church. Just as Jesus went into Jerusalem triumphantly and accompanied by a throng of excited companions, so we welcome Him into the church on Palm Sunday. The reading of the passion, especially in the division of voices, moves the hearts of the hearers.  The gift of receiving a blessed palm and taking it home commemorates the events of the day.  By inviting others to participate in Palm Sunday’s liturgy, we give them great opportunities to experience the liturgical life of the Church. 

So, who will you invite to Mass on April 9?  I suggest that you invite a neighbor. Our community is always looking for ways to grow in fellowship and love. You might also invite a coworker or other acquaintance.  It is cheating, in my opinion, to invite a practicing Catholic! They would be here anyway!  Pope Francis has called for a Church that “goes out.”  During this week, I call you to “go out” and invite someone to join you for Palm Sunday Mass next weekend.

~Fr. Thuerauf


Hope, Faith & Love


Planned giving is a powerful opportunity to ensure your most sacred values and commitments are part of your legacy. Your planned gift represents your hope for the future mission through Saints Peter and Paul Parish Fund, your faith in generations to come and your love of Christ and His Church.


Please contact The Catholic Foundation at 303.468.9885 for more information on how they can help you leave a legacy.



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The Parish Library is open  after all Masses. Come check out what it has to offer!

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