Our parish is honored to host the Catholic Daughters State Convention. Beginning on Friday (June 7th) and continuing through today, women from the state of Colorado have been here participating in the convention. Their events will conclude after the 11.00 Mass today.

What do these women do at a Catholic Daughters state convention? Allow me to summarize the events: they had a Mass with Bishop Rodriguez; they participated in talks by their leaders; they recognized court achievements; and they installed their new state officers. Knowing what these women are doing this weekend leads to the question, “Why are they gathering like this?” The answer is, as it often is: love. Catholic Daughters refer to their Circle of Love. In that circle there are seven loves which unite them: (1) Life; (2) Youth; (3) Law; (4) Education; (5) Spirituality; (6) Leadership; and (7) Projects. By uniting their efforts on these seven loves they can accomplish more than an individual could without the group. In that union we see their motto emerging, which is “Unity and Charity.” Since love and charity go together, we can see the Circle of Love as a consequence of their motto.

The organization was founded by the Knights of Columbusand they have 66,000 members in the United States, Mexico, Kenya, and Peru. Their unique union of womanhood creates spirituality which is uniquely feminine.

To become a part of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas you can approach any of the women who are a part of the organization to receive an invitation to their next meeting.

-Fr. Thuerauf