Dr. Theresa Farnan makes the following observations:

America’s schools are failing — both the left and the right know this. The expiration date is long past on the left’s stale “solutions” to America’s crisis in education. They’ve had their turn; it’s time for parents to take the reins. In minority communities in particular, parents want choice. They reject the lie that “school choice” equals “segregation” and, according to McCluskey, “survey literature — African-Americans speaking for themselves” — shows they “overwhelmingly” support educational choice. Kevin P. Chavous of the American Federation for Children, agrees: “[T]oday’s private school choice movement has been overwhelmingly embraced with open arms by minority families across the country … test scores, graduation rates and the number of students enrolled in college have improved because of vouchers, tax credit scholarships, and Education Savings Account programs. The vast majority of students seeing these benefits are from low-income, working-class, and minority families.”

The war over vouchers and school choice reflects an even deeper division within America. It’s a clash of visions, a fight over who has the right to shape the hearts and minds of our children. Education, writes Andrew T. Walker, “is about the transmission of values, about allowing local associations, not government institutions, to form the bonds of society.” Walker’s child attends a classical Christian school. He explains that, “We chose this for our child because we believe that what public schools value as true, good, and beautiful do not align with what we believe is true, good, and beautiful. It’s a conflict of visions, and in America, we’re blessed to have options.”