The night of confessions is coming up on Tuesday and so I offer this second installation of your pastor’s plea that you make a confession this Lent. Here is the second installation of Dr.Anthony Lilles’ meditation on Lenten reconciliation:

“Do not think that what you have done is too great for God’s mercy or that the Father has utterly rejected you. Such thoughts do not please your Father who is heart-broken for you and patiently awaits your return… Since He has held nothing back for your sake, hold nothing back from Him. Put on the armor of light and live as if in the daylight – this is our pathway home. After Christ has suffered so much for your sake, do you think He will refuse your repentance or that your contrition will not be the source of heaven’s joy? The Good Shepherd will bind your wounds and help you find rest. The Lamb of God is ready to walk with you through any dark valley that you face and, and not even the shadow of death can stand between you and the love He has for you… With an overflowing cup of blessing, He is eager to give you cause to rejoice even in the face of your enemies. He knocks at the door even now hoping that you might open to Him. Fear not to open wide the doors to Christ.”

I encourage you to come to the Church at any time between 6.30 and 7.30 on Tuesday evening to have your confession heard. The Father wants to be merciful and He expects us to humbly show that we want His mercy.

-Fr. Thuerauf