Our friend, Doctor Anthony Lilles, offers this reflection on the beauty of Easter. He demonstrates how death, as we saw on Good Friday, leads to the powerful transformation of Easter. The reflection inspired my soul and I share it with you in hopes that it will benefit your spiritual journey as well:

“The loss of integrity and alienation that sin causes finds its full bodily expression when a cold corpse is lowered into its grave… The power of sin and the depths of its mystery is great.

“The Risen Lord has the power to forgive sin because He wants us to have the antidote for death. Death in sin not only alienates the human body from its soul, but the soul from its God… The Word of the Father chose to suffer this for us – not to prevent it or provide an escape from it, but to transform it into a mystery that leads to the perfection of faith, the invincibility of hope, and the final triumph of love.

“Is it any wonder that when we come to Him with our sin, He is always ready to forgive it? He has gone deeper into our misery than our own sin can know. No addictive behavior, no psychological brokenness, no self-loathing, no self-torment — nothing we can bring to Him is too unbearable for Him, for He has already bore it all. He has contended against the powers that would try to hold us down, and none of them could separate us from His love.”

(beginningtopray.blogspot.com on 4/25/19)