Our parish night of confessions will be on Tuesday, April 9th, at 6.30 pm. In preparation for that Lenten event, I am offering a two part series in my pastor’s corner on how desperately God wants us to come to Him and receive mercy. I will be using a guest presenter to achieve my goal of encouraging you to come to confession this Lent. Doctor Anthony Lilles is a friend of our parish’s and he prepared the following meditation:
“The Father knew us in Christ in eternal jubilation from before the foundation of the world, and, by the delight of His heart with which He pondered each one, He summoned each of us into our own existence, in time and space, before Him to know the burning furnace of His love… He plunged undaunted into our suspicions and self-contradictions, our drivenness and despair, our grasping for control and lack of self- control, our haughtiness and shame. He took hold of the cup that contained all the pain and bitterness that threaten the noble greatness for which we were made. He drank it in and suffered that hostility until He brought it with Him into death. Neither that death nor that hostility was enough to quench His love… When- ever invited, He enters the abysses of misery that we suffer with this same radiance of His glory. With gen- tle kindness, He exposes every threat to our integrity to the light of truth and, by moving us to tears, emp- ties it of its power.”