On Saturday evening we will have our great school social and fund raiser. This year’s gala has been themed “Loaves and Fishes.” Our theme is taken from our Lord’s miracle of taking the five barley loaves and the two fish. After He had given thanks, they were multiplied and there was plenty for everybody! Our theme recognizes God’s Providence in our lives. Through God we have all we need to become saints… and in abundance!

The miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fish appears at the beginning of chapter 6 of John’s gospel, often referred to as the “Bread of Life Discourse.” The Eucharistic overtones to the miracle cannot be overlooked. Just as Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes at the sea side, He continues to feed us today through his body and his blood. In the Eucharist, we want us to be in union with Him. This union with Christ that is solicited through his providence is the goal of every Christian. Saint Jose Maria Escrivá expressed this union with Christ like this, “By the very fact of being a man, a Christian has a full right to live in the world. If he lets Christ live and reign in his heart, he will feel – quite noticeably – the saving effectiveness of our Lord in everything he does.” (Christ is Passing By, 183)

I hope that you have your tickets to join the events next Saturday, February 23rd. If you want more information, you can access the website dedicated especially to our event: stspeterandpaulgala.org. Let’s be united with God and each other. Then, we will see His Providence at work!