We realize Who Jesus is through an epiphany. Today’s solemnity of the three kings offering their homage to Jesus is the primary way in which we consider an epiphany. They had some supernatural sense that the king of the universe was present and they sacramentalized the realization by their giving of gifts. As others realized Who Jesus is, they also experience an epiphany. The baptism of the Lord had a supernatural sign when the voice was heard saying, “this is my beloved Son. Listen to Him.” Consider as well the changing of the water into wine at Cana. Here again, the people realized Who Jesus is through the supernatural workings. Epiphanies consistently point to the divinity of Christ.

Each Christian needs an epiphany: some moment when they consider that the claims of Jesus Christ to be God is a worthy acclamation. Ironically, people often experience this epiphany when they are sick or in some sort of distress. We tend to reach out to God when we experience adversity… and He always reaches back. Following the epiphany, the result is consistent: homage. Whether or not you are experiencing an ephiphany of your own today, I invite you to join in the effects of an epiphany. Today, let us worship God!

-Fr. Thuerauf