Mary and Joseph cared for the most innocent child ever: Jesus. As Jesus is completely God and completely man, and as a man he is free from all sin, we can declare that he is perfect innocence. This baby is more than perfectly innocent, he is innocence itself! If we sense God’s goodness when we encounter a child born in our time who is subject to original sin, we should certainly have a more profound encounter when we discover the innocence of Jesus.

Saint Thérèse of Lisieux once wrote of how the Blessed Virgin Mary reacts to the baby Jesus. Mary says, “Like you, Joseph, I am astonished to be able to press to my heart the Divine Child whose Mother I am; I am astonished that a little milk is needful to him who gives life to the world.” (From the Plays of Saint Thérèse of Lieieux: “Pius Recreations”)

While we are impressed by God’s goodness in the children around us, we should be even more astonished that God would choose to need us! He depended upon the Blessed Virgin Mary and Joseph for His survival in the flesh. He depends upon our sacrifices to maintain His Church. He desires our worship both in time and eternity. As we celebrate Christmas and today’s Feast of the Holy Family, I invite you to be impressed by God’s goodness. Then let us worship Him.

-Fr. Thuerauf