I am sure that you like making new friends. One great way to make a friend is by aiding them to pass from Purgatory into heaven! November is customarily the month to pray for souls in Purgatory. God has deigned that we need each other to make our way to heaven. That is true of our lives here on earth since God has established the Church as the ordinary means of salvation. We make our way to heaven together in the Church. It is also true of the afterlife. Souls in Purgatory need ourprayers and sacrifices to atone for their sins and be perfect for eternity.

Throughout November people will lift up prayers, do fasting and offer penance for souls whom they suspect are in purgatory. Communally, we offer an All Souls novena at Saints Peter and Paul Parish. Beginning last Thursday we inaugurated our All Souls Novena. For nine days Masses are offered specifically for those souls who are included in the novena. It is customary to make an offering at the time of that novena. Those offerings go to the priests assigned to our parish as a sort of Christmas bonus since we do not receive bonuses as the other parish staff members do.

Although the All Souls Novena has begun, you can still enroll your loved ones in the novena. God, Who transcends time, knows your intention to have them included from the beginning of the novena and will apply the full merits of the novena to them. Envelopes are available in the vestibule and they can be dropped in the collection basket.

-Fr. Thuerauf