Since we begin our annual Advent pilgrimage today, it is time to think about your Christmas confession. There is an ancient tradition that we confess our sins before Christmas and again before Easter. In anticipation of Christmas and knowing how busy we get as the month of December goes on, we scheduled our Advent Night of Confessions early in the season. Confessions will be on Monday (December 3rd) beginning at 6:30 pm.

Bishop Barron recounts the story of encountering a sign on a church in Georgia which stated “All Sinners Are Welcome!” Humility has given the Catholic Church its strength in difficult times of history. Going to confession reinforces humility since we know that we are sinners but are welcome here. Going to confession will strengthen the Church and put our souls in a right relationship with God. What’s more, a precept of the Church requires Catholics to go to confession at least once a year.

Priests from around the area will be here on Monday evening to hear your confession. As usual, there will not be a penance service but instead we just line up and go to confession. As a result, you can come any time between 6:30 and 7:30 pm to receive the grace of assurance of forgiveness of your sins. Can you think of a Christmas present for God that is more perfect!

-Fr. Thuerauf