Today is the last day of our exhibit of Mother Teresa, who is formally known as Saint Teresa of Kolkata. I hope that you will stop in to Big Mac to visit the displays and interact with the Missionaries of Charity. In this Pastor’s Corner, I offer the third and final reflection on Mother Teresa. I began these three Pastor’s Corners with a reflection on how the life of Mother Teresa has impacted my life and then I offered a biography of Mother Teresa. Here I want to examine the spiritual life of Mother Teresa.

The center of Mother Teresa’s spiritual life is love. The radical love of God is exhibited by Mother Teresa. While other saintly characteristics need to be moderated, love can never be overdone. Courage, for example, can become arrogance if it is not moderated. Similarly, prudence can begin to seem fussy and prudish if it is not tempered. Love, however, never needs to be moderated or tempered. Mother Teresa’s was filled with that Godly love!

It is for the love of Jesus that Mother Teresa did her acts of charity. She would remind her sisters that they could look at their five fingers and be reminded of the five words, “you did it for me.” Why did she impress us so much with her constant acts of love for the poor? Because she was doing those acts for love of Jesus!

-Fr. Thuerauf