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May I invite you to look at this website to learn about our wonderful parish in Wheat Ridge, CO.  We have a great school, parish staff, faculty, clergy, lots of super children, and a vibrant parish family.

I welcome you to our parish activities, the halls of our school, and to the table of the Lord at the Holy Eucharist. May those who see the outline of our steeple and the cross, framed by the backdrop of the foothills, also see, the foundation of the Catholic faith which is inspired by our patrons, St. Peter & St. Paul.

~Father Jason Thuerauf

Welcome from the Pastor

This powerful ministry requires dedication to prayer for the needs of others and their special intentions. A phone tree, e-mail or letter are the means of contact to the prayer warrior with prayer requests. Many intentions have been answered as a result of the dedicated prayers of this group. Sign up here to receive weekly prayer warrior intentions for the Saints Peter and Paul Community.